Start your own business with franchising by Mr. Borysov team
Cutting-edge trends for restaurants
The restaurant business in Ukraine for years was driven by innovative and unpredictable business decisions from GastroFamily.
And now we are ready to go global and to announce the FoodTech franchise: QSRD (Quick Service Restaurants & Delivery) by Mr. Borysov team. Yes, so many buzzwords. But let us explain everything!
Watch the video where Dmytro Borysov, GastroFamily founder, answers your questions (almost all of them)
QSRD by GastroFamily
Quick Service Restaurants & Delivery
Various FoodTech brands with the same profitable business model
- Gourmet dishes are cooked and served in in 5 minutes offline
- Or delivered quickly in 15-30 minutes from a restaurant or dark store with online order
You just need to choose your favorite cuisine). We have already thought about business efficiency.
GastroFamily Business System
12+ м²
All our brands are based on the same business model so, no matter which GastroFamily brand you choose – needed investments and profitability will be the same
Sent a request to discuss all the details about business model of your restaurant
franchising fee
investments per 1 м²
for the first year,
5% – from the 2 nd year
Special conditions for Ukrainians who left the country after February 24, 2022

Franchising fee - € 10,000 (50% discount)

Royalty fee - 0% (during the first 6 months)

What franchisees say
about GastroFamily
What about FoodTech?
Our goal is to create an innovative, efficient and sustainable business.
That is why GastroFamily keeps on developing
new IT systems.
And our franchisees also get all these
cuttinet-edge IT products
You'll get the tools allow you to run your business from your smartphone, tracking and adjusting all key performance indicators of the company.
ERP system that allows you to quickly analyze all the business indicators and support your best management solutions
Mobile application with all the brands where guests can make an order (at the restaurant / take away / delivery) and loyalty program GastroFamily Club
Application that simplifies the delivery business as much as possible
We are creating a new restaurant technology that meets the needs of each participant in the process.
CTO, Victoria Kot is ready to tell more about it
We scale a real business, not just a business model
Advantages of a well-established GastroFamily system
Speed and quality of opening new franchise restaurants (more than 80 GastroFamily restaurants are already open)
Opportunity to become our franchisee even without business experience
Easy workflow
Pleasant and effective communication with GastroFamily franchise team
Effective team training and coaching
Each GastroFamily brand is unique, but all of them are united with an efficient business system and business transparency
The key rule of the GastroFamily franchise - franchisees open THEIR OWN business
Elena Borisova, CEO of GastroFamily - tells about GastroFamily business rules
Marketing by Dmytro Borysov's team – powerful
and inspiring
Essencial marketing skills are one of GastroFamily's most famous strengths. Our marketing and PR team can say with confidence: "Trust us, we are experts", we know how to be the best ones, how to open new niche markets, to create lovemarks and to be Top of Mind.

Effective marketing is a huge system of 1000 components.
A system that is shared with the franchisees to provide it into their restaurants.
We will also teach how to use it properly and support their creative solutions in marketing communications.
Our marketing team supports
each new opening of the restaurant, day by day it develops and implements the most innovative and effective advertising activities to promote all the GastroFamily brands and shares them with GastroFamily
Maryna, GastroFamily PR manager is ready to tell you more about GastroFamily marketing system,
lovemarks and values.
30 000+ guests visit GastroFamily
restaurants everyday
this is how we do it
We suppose you know it, but the secret of our chain popularity is based not only on marketing, business system and innovative approach. The product and the team really matter. After all, they convince a person interested by catchy advertising to only to visit GastroFamily restaurants, but to come back dozens of times.
We love our business and we know what our consumers want. This symbiosis allows us and our franchisees to build a business we can be really proud of.
Dream team
Have you ever seen a bartender smiling happily in Biliy Halyv? And the way manager in Oxota Na Ovets presents the best Asian dishes, so enthusiastic, passionate and friendly? And this is not because they are forced, but because they are really inspired with their work.

We know how to build successful teams and how to train employees as quickly as possible. Of course, we share out training and coaching system with franchisees.

GastroFamily is a big dream team
that unites many restaurant families
Your restaurant
Before the great Opening Day you will have a lot of work, but we will support all your steps.
And thanks to our IT and business system all the processes become much easier.
Natalia, GastroFamily construction manager tells you how it happens step by step
Maxim, the director of GastroFamily franchising, talks about the start of cooperation and explains the roles of franchisees and GastroFamily head office
in all the business processes.
The very important thing is that it is not the GastroFamily team that builds your business, but you rule it by yourself. As we support you,
give you guidelines ans standards.
Ready to join us?
Waiting for you!
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